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Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Hollywood?

October 20, 2011

 In 2008 candidate Barack Obama stood before eighty-five thousand people in Invesco Field at Mile High and talked out fairness.  In his nomination acceptance speech he complained about CEO pay…a little throw away line that outrageous CEO compensation is “not fair” and needs to be changed.  What did he intend to do, put a cap on CEO compensation or, to be fair, on all high-salaried people?  

 Add to that the quote “at some point people make enough money” and you have captured the inner essence of wealth distribution. 

 Recently, the Occupy Wall Street crowd has taken up that battle cry and the President has given them a wink and a nod of approval. 

 So do they really want Federal Government to regulate compensation; to decide who should earn what?  Is it no longer good enough to let the free market decide the worth of a person’s skill or talent?  Will the Federal Government now decide when enough compensation is too much?  Will they dictate how much a Captain of Industry, a creator of goods and services and jobs, is really worth?

 The Liberal/Progressive movement would froth at the mouth at that possibility.  The “class-warfare” crowd goes wild at the prospect of dictating “social justice” and “equal outcomes”.    

 However, someone ought to remind them that there are many other jobs and professions besides CEOs with outrageous salaries that should also be capped, to be FAIR.  If we really want to go there with this outrageous idea, then more salaries besides the CEO that should be regulated.  Someone needs to tell Alex Rodriguez, Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters that, they make too much money!  Sports are not that important.  Are they included in the protests and criticism of people making too much money?  Occupy Yankee Stadium?

 And what about Hollywood?  They pay directors and stars outrageous sums of money to “play make believe”.  Sorry, but you’ve reached that point where you’ve already made enough money.  You see, we have a ceiling, not glass either, on how much a person can make in America.  Remember, we promised you CHANGE.  Here it is! 

 At the risk of letting facts get in the way, the top 10 celebrities in the United States (who contribute virtually nothing productive to our society) make more on average than the top 10 CEOs (who manage jobs and the production of goods and services used by all Americans).  It’s a fact.  Google it! 

 Danielle Steele and J.K. Rowling would be fat juicy targets along with Martha Stewart and Oprah because they make mega-bucks.  Should the Federal government strike a blow against women and cap their earnings?  

 And last but not least by a long shot are the news anchor-people. 

 Someone needs to tell the talking heads, if they can shut up long enough to listen, that the mega-contracts they have become accustomed to are no longer allowed under the new People’s Republic of America.  After all, Diane and Brian, you really are overpaid for what you do.  Just because you look good on TV and can read a teleprompter does not make you worth millions.  Sorry.  We spanked the CEOs, sports stars, celebrities, authors and others that make too much money.  We can’t give you a pass on this just because you slant your news to be “government friendly”.  We’re going to cap your compensation just like all the rest.  Not to worry.  It’s going for a good cause.  We found a new species of Water-Lilly that needs saving and we have to fund the Corporation For Public Broadcasting so they can continue to carry the water for their favorite politicians.

 So, would we expect to shortly see an Occupy Hollywood or Occupy The Media movement sometime on the horizon? 

 Don’t bet on it!

 What does this have to do with The Last Jump?


 The people of the Greatest Generation would never seriously entertain any notion that the Federal government should intervene and interfere with personal liberties to the extent of limiting wages and demonizing the most successful members of our society.  In a free country, every individual deserves to earn what a free market determines they are worth.  Everyone!

 They would not stand for the idiocy and lawlessness of the crowds greedily demanding they be given the fruits and benefits of the labors of others.

 They would scratch their heads, grit their teeth, become silently angered at this outrageous behavior and then mourn for the future of the country they saved.

 Why?  Because they willingly gave more to America than they ever asked from it.

 By John E Nevola

Author of The Last Jump – A Novel of World War II

October 20, 2011

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  1. J. Larry Todd permalink

    OOORAH, John! Telling it like it is has unfortunately become unpopular and frowned upon. A Truth is a Truth and a Lie is a Lie, and you can take that to the bank all day long. Thank you John.

  2. Keep in mind that President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who inspired the “greatest generation” to victory in both theaters of war, implemented the Glass-Steagall Act, which placed reasonable restrictions on the Wall Street banks whose shenanigans had pushed our country into the Great Depression. He also is responsible for the GI Bill, the WPA, and Social Security. Do you believe for one moment that today’s Republicans (of whom you seem to be a proud member) would allow ANY of those vital programs and regulations to become law?

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